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Patty is currently a second grade teacher at the Wareham Elementary School. After graduating from Wareham High School in 2015, she attended Framingham State College where she earned her bachelor's degree and then furthered her education by earning a master’s degree at Merrimack College. She was a member of the Alpha Upsilon Alpha Honor Society for the International Reading Association and  vice president of the Kappa Delta Pi honor society for education.

When asked about her Wareham Public Schools experience she recalled the teachers’ bonds with their students. “I have very fond memories of having lunch with some of my teachers as well as seeing them after I graduated”, she said. She also mentioned the “family” created on the Wareham softball team. As for advice to current Wareham students , she urges, “Try your hardest and don’t give up.” She shared that even though she struggled at times, she was able to graduate in the top ten of her class, specifically because she was able to get help from her teachers whenever she needed it. Patty, who resides in Wareham, is hoping to instill confidence in her students and leave them with an impactful and memorable experience.

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