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Aaron Strothers, WHS class of 2007, has continued his relationship with basketball. When Aaron graduated from Wareham he was the boys all-time leading scorer and had earned many all-star awards. He then attended Marianapolis Prep for one year before receiving a full scholarship to Merrimack College. Aaron graduated from Merrimack (where he is still the record holder for highest career field goal percentage) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a minor in business.

Today Aaron works as a paraprofessional in the special education department at the Old Rochester Regional School District. He is also the assistant men’s basketball coach at Bridgewater State College where he is also pursuing his MBA. ( Previously, he was an assistant coach at UMass Dartmouth.)

Aaron remembered several great teachers he had while at Wareham including Mr. Barnett, Ms. Fachetti, Ms. Salerno, and Ms. Knight. He also felt that the diverse student body was an asset and helped prepare him for his post-Wareham experiences. His advice to current students is “Make connections, with staff and with each other.”

Aaron was known for his great work ethic on the basketball court and it paid off. In addition to his strong career at Merrimack, he played for the Cape Verde National team in 2013 and played professionally in Costa Rica in 2013/14 and in Cape Verde in 2021. It’s probably not surprising that Aaron founded the nonprofit Village Hoops which provides basketball resources for the Onset community.

Aaron Strothers
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