Wareham Public Schools: Our Future Begins Here

Relationships, Perseverance, Respect, & Compassion

WPS 2026

Living our best lives by discovering our ‘WHY’.

Mission (Behavior Enacting the Vision)


  • To provide a safe learning environment dedicated to communicating effectively with compassionate and honest conversations.
  • To encourage and model respectful relationships and inclusive learning opportunities.
  • To foster learning that challenges everyone to be their best selves.

Vision of a WPS Graduate (Core Values inform mission, mission enacted achieves WPS vision)

Wareham Public Schools promises to provide opportunities for all to discover the greatest versions of themselves by acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and skills to explore, formulate, realize, and reflect

We will think critically, communicate, and persevere.

With tenacity and trust, we will continue to learn all that is essential to living our best lives and positively impacting the community and the world.