Q- Will bus passes be required?

A- Yes. Bus passes will be issued to all eligible students at their school during the first month of school. Passes will not be required to ride the bus during the first few weeks of school. Students will not be permitted to ride the bus without a bus pass once the passes have been distributed.

Q- What if I need the bus only two or three days per week?

A- The cost for all students is the same regardless of how many days you intend to ride the bus.

Q- Who can be suspended from riding the bus?

A- Anyone who violates the School Bus Conduct Policy may be suspended.

Q- What happens if I send in my application after the deadline date?

A- Applications received after the deadline may be placed on a waiting list. Bus routes and staffing will be planned based on applications received on the deadline date. The transportation department cannot guarantee transportation for your student if the application is received after the deadline date.

Q- What if my child forgets or loses his/her bus pass?

A- We will allow a child to board the morning bus; however, the child must obtain a temporary pass from the Principals office in order to board the bus in the afternoon. A temporary pass will be allowed on 2 occasions. After that, your child will not be allowed on the bus. If your child loses their bus pass you can obtain a new one for a $5 charge.

Q- What if my child has special needs?

A- If your child has special transportation in their Individual Education Plans (IEP) they will not have to pay the bus fee.

Q- What if my child has a “504 Plan”?

A- Students who have a 504 plan are subject to the fee under the same provisions as all other students.

Q- What if my child goes to a day care or babysitter?

A- You will pay based on your home address to your child’s school. It doesn’t matter where your day care is located as long as it falls within the buses route you will receive transportation. This is how we keep it fair for all students.