Once a student has been hired, and is between the ages of 14 -17 years old, they will need to obtain a work permit application from their employer.

After a minor is promised employment, a work permit application must be filled out by the employer, physician (for students age 14 and 15 only), and signed by a parent/guardian and student.

The application can be found on Wareham Public Schools website. The Guidance Department has hard copies of the application as well.

After a minor receives employment, they must do the following:

1. The employer signs page one of the application

2. A physician signs page two (only applicable for students ages 14/15)

3. Parent/guardian and student sign page two

After the application is complete:

4. The student will need to go to the Guidance Office or Superintendent’s Office (in person) with the completed application. The Superintendent’s Office is located on the back side of the Middle School near the new tennis courts.

Wareham High School students are encouraged to have the work permit issued at the High School. Wareham Residents who do not attend the High School may obtain a work permit at the Superintendent’s office.

Designated employees authorized to issue employment permits and educational certificates to minors who have been promised legal employment:

Wareham High School: 508-291-3510

Sandy Barboza and Stacey Lattin

Superintendent’s Office: 508-291-3500 x3560

Samantha Rizzitano, Jamie Wiksten, and Erika Kauranen

A birth certificate is required if the student is a Wareham resident and has never attended Wareham Public Schools.

Upon receipt of the application, a permit will be issued, and the student will give the signed permit to their new employer.