Library & Media Center

Welcome to the Wareham High School Library and Media Center. Each day I strive to enrich each student’s experience here at the high school through the use of our technology and media. Thanks to the generous contributions of The Gateway Tavern, we will soon be receiving new technology and print materials. All students and faculty are welcome to come and browse our selections.

Ms. DeBonise, Librarian

Mission Statement

The mission of the school library is to foster student mastery of reading and of information literacy skills and to provide the means for teachers to help students learn. The encouragement of reading continues to be a major goal of the Wareham High School Library. The publication of the American Library’s Standards for Literacy supports this library’s goal of creating students who are able to locate, read, view, listen to, interpret, and use information in its various forms. Ultimately it is the goal of the library to create an atmosphere for learning and to provide the materials to help students become life-long learners and literate users of information.

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