Volunteers needed for Fields and Grounds Committee

The Town of Wareham seeks seven volunteers to join its Fields and Grounds Committee.

The committee is charged with planning for the maintenance and improvement of the town’s existing playing fields and addresses the addition of any new facilities.

Two members will be appointed by the Town Administrator, two will be appointed by the Superintendent of Schools, and three members-at-large will be appointed by a committee consisting of the Selectmen Chairman, School Committee Chairman, and Town Moderator. The three members-at-large must represent an organization that uses the town’s fields.

Each member’s term is three years. The committee reports to the Town Administrator and Superintendent of Schools.

For more information and to apply, visit the Selectmen’s office in Town Hall, 54 Marion Road. Applications can be printed by clicking here.

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Lunch options changing at middle, high schools

Based on student input, lunch options are changing at Wareham Middle School and Wareham High School beginning on Monday, February 3.


Wareham Middle:

Students will be served in four lines.

Line one will offer the main meal and will be called the Home Cooking.

Lines two and three will be called The Bistro. Line two will feature made-to-order wraps and salads. Line three will offer soup with bosco sticks, bagels, and a few sandwich options.

Line four will be called The Grill and will offer hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and pizza.


Wareham High:

Students will be served in three lines.

Home cookin’ will feature traditional hot lunch choices, such as the ever popular popcorn chicken bowl, turkey dinner, baked chicken, spaghetti & meatballs, tacos, and gourmet pizzas on Fridays. On “Meatless Mondays,” students have the opportunity to partake in protein packed, meat-free meals.

The Viking Grille will feature chicken patties, burgers, and cheese pizza Tuesdays through Fridays. Mondays will feature burgers and a different hot sandwich choice every week. A variety of baked fries, tater tots, and onion rings will be served on Mondays.

The Wareham Deli will feature made-to-order roll up sandwiches and chef salads. Among the offerings will be thin-sliced turkey breast, ham, salami, and bologna, chicken and tuna salad, buffalo chicken, and grilled chicken. Toppings may include shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, purple onions, dill pickle slices, green peppers, chick peas, and kidney beans. An assortment of salad dressings and sandwich sauces will be available. All salad lunches come with a house-made dinner roll and either house-made croutons or Goldfish crackers.

Vegetarian choices such as bean burritos, garden burgers, and veggie wraps are offered daily. Side dishes such as salads, baked beans, house-made cole slaw or broccoli salad, and baby carrots with ranch dip will be available every day. Customers should watch daily for “Grille Specials.”

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Cooperative School students design solar house

Hard at work designing a solar house.

Ninth-graders at the Wareham Cooperative School were challenged to design and construct a one-bedroom model house within certain design constraints and utilizing passive solar heating techniques to warm the house up as much as possible and sustain that temperature as long as possible.

Testing out the house. Success!

Testing out the house. Success!

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Engineer gets 7th-graders thinking about careers

Engineer Mark Whalen speaks to 7th-grade students.

Engineer Mark Whalen speaks to 7th-grade students.

Lockheed Martin engineer Mark Whalen stopped by to speak to Wareham Middle School 7th-graders in Mrs. Walker’s science, technology, engineering, and math class (STEM) on Tuesday, January 28.

We could tell you all about it, but how about hearing it straight from the students? Here’s what some of our 7th-graders had to say!

Sheridyn Pinkham:
“How do you get someone to pay you to do what you love? Could you build a biodegradable weather balloon or an instrument that can measure the temperature for a long distance? Those were the questions asked by Mark Whalen. Mark Whalen is an engineer at Lockheed Martin in Marion, MA. He came to Mrs. Walker’s STEM class to talk about engineering, weather, career choices and his career. He told us that you should get someone to pay you to do what you love.  For example, if you love football, basketball, math or writing, you should get paid to do it. He also told us that engineering doesn’t have to be all about math. Mark Whalen made everyone in my class think about their career choice.”


Cameron Keith:
“Mark Whalen from Lockheed Martin came to our school today. He talked about engineering, weather, and different jobs. He asked some of us what we like to do. He also had a message for us: “How do you get someone to pay you to do what you love?” The part of the presentation that I enjoyed most was when he showed us the different tools he uses.  His presentation made me think of the job in computer hardware that I want to pursue.”


Paige Strawn:
“Mark Whalen, an engineer at Lockheed Martin in Marion, MA, came to give a presentation to Nobel 7. He presented his job as an engineer and what kind of things he does as an engineer. He brought some of  his team’s newest inventions that they have been working on. The presentation consisted of the question,  “ How can you get paid to do what you love?”  His team makes weathering tools for weathering in the ocean and in the air. Mr. Whalen is an engineer. He helped Nobel 7 kids think of careers they might want to have in the engineering field.”


Camryn Thornell:
“On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, Mark Whalen, an engineer from Lockheed Martin came to speak to Wareham Middle School’s 7th Grade Mrs. Walker’s class. Mr. Whalen talked to the students about his career. He asked us “How are you going to find someone to pay you to do what you love?” Also, Mr. Whalen told us about Meteorology, Oceanography, and climate change. What he talked about made me think that the career I may want to pursue later on in life may be an engineer.”


Haley Garrity
“Mark Whalen, an engineer, came to visit a group of 7th graders from Wareham Middle School.  He focused on the topic, “How can you get paid to do something you love?” Mark Whalen is getting paid for what he loves to do. He currently works for Lockheed Martin in Marion, MA. The part that the kids loved was the tools he brought in. He brought in a weather balloon that floats up with a machine that measures the weather. He made kids wonder what they wanted to be when they get older, as well as how much they will get paid.”


Look at that weather balloon!

Look at that weather balloon!


A big thanks to Mark Whalen for inspiring our 7th-graders!

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