Message from the Superintendent

Dear Wareham Families,
With spring now in full swing, students, teachers, coaches and administrators are busy in a flurry of exciting activities. Tonight the Wareham High School production of “Rent! School Edition!” opens and runs nightly through Saturday from 7:00-9:00 pm. On Sunday, they will partner with the WHS Culinary Department to offer a Mother’s Day brunch at 10:30 a.m. followed by a matinee at 12:00 p.m.
Elsewhere in the district, students are applying the knowledge they have gained during the year, by completing their MCAS assessments. Parents and guardians of preschoolers are heading to parent conferences and bringing their children to Kindergarten screenings and the Annual CFCE Ice Cream Social, held at Decas School. Field trips are happening at almost every grade level, offering our students an opportunity for experiential learning that ties into their curriculum. Some of the other spring events planned include band and chorus concerts, talent shows, and field day. All of these performances offer chances for our students to showcase the many and varied talents that they possess.
Students across the districts are studying for end of term assessments, final exams, and preparing book reports, projects and portfolios that give others a glimpse into what they have worked so hard towards all year long. Our sports teams are on the fields practicing and participating in games, matches and meets; representing their school and community with pride and dignity. In addition, many students are gearing up for prom night, awards nights and commencement ceremonies.
We are indeed, proud of all of our students and their various areas of accomplishment. I hope they, and you, take time, amidst the flurry of activity that always accompanies this time of year, to pause and reflect on the personal successes that they have experienced this school year.
Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. And to all mothers, grandmothers and those who fulfil a mothering role in our students’ lives, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.
Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood

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Message from the Superintendent | Weekly Events

Dear Wareham Families,
During the past week, two students enrolled at Wareham High School, chose to make comments referencing shooting in the school.  In both situations the prompt action by teachers, Deans, Administration, and the School Resource Officer, resulted in the students being promptly removed from school and arrested.  At no time did the students possess any weapons, nor does it appear that either had immediate access to weapons. On both occasions, information informing the public was placed on our website, as presenting the community with accurate and timely information, within the scope allowed by law, is important to us.
Maintaining student and staff safety is our number one priority.  It is imperative for our students to understand that should they choose to make either direct statements or ones alluding to compromising the security of our students and staff, they will be removed from school, arrested, and charged with making terrorist threats.  I strongly urge you to have a conversation with your child regarding the seriousness of making such remarks and the life-altering consequences which will follow.   
I understand at times students may make statements joking around with peers, out of frustration, or that such remarks may be a “plead for help.” I would ask you to urge your child to seek advice and help from, a parent, a school counselor or social worker, a teacher or administrator, or a trusted adult, as such actions as witnessed this week will likely have long-term consequences for both the students involved and for their families.
Again, I appreciate the prompt actions demonstrated by our facility and Administration at Wareham High School, our School Resource Officer, Chief Kevin Walsh and the Wareham Police Department.
Dr. Shaver-Hood

Weekly Events

Wareham High School
May 11th 
RENT! School Edition 7:00 p.m. in the WHS auditorium
PTA meeting WMS @ 6:00 p.m.
May 12th​
​RENT! School Edition 7:00 p.m. in the WHS auditorium
​May 13th​
​​RENT! School Edition 7:00 p.m. in the WHS auditorium
See link for pricing
​May 14th
​RENT! School Edition 
​12:00 p.m. show​. 
​10:30 Brunch in the WHS cafeteria
See link for pricing
Wareham Middle School
May 8 – Grades 6 & 7 Math MCAS
May 9 – Grades 6 & & Math MCAS
May 11 – PTA meeting at 6:00 P.M. in the cafeteria
Dates for Upcoming Field Days
Grade 5 – June 7 (rain date June 12)
Grade 6 – June 8 (rain date June 13)
Grade 7 – June 9 (rain date June 14)
Minot Forest Elementary
May 8-12
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 9
Teacher Appreciation Day
No Homework Club today
May 10
School Nurses’ Day
MCAS-Grade 4 Math
NAVIGATE Drop In Session, 5:00 at Woods of Wareham
May 11
MCAS-Grade 4 Math
No Homework Club today
John W. Decas Elementary
5/8/2017    Kindergarten Screening
5/9/2017    Kindergarten Screening
5/10/2017  Kindergarten Screening
5/10/2017  Mr. Roche/Mrs. Nelson Mother’s Day Tea 5 PM – 7 PM
5/11/2017  Kindergarten Screening

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Message from the Superintendent

A student recently enrolled in Wareham High School made a statement today in school regarding shooting up the school. A teacher heard this statement and promptly notified Administration. The student quickly was removed from school, and the Wareham Police Department have made an arrest. We take a very serious stance in protecting our students and staff in the Wareham Schools. I appreciate the work of the High School Administration, the School Resource Officer, as well as the close collaboration with Chief Walsh and the Wareham Police Department.
Dr. Shaver-Hood

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Message from the Superintendent

A student enrolled in Wareham High School sent a social media message yesterday, indicating a possible intent for a school shooting.
Upon learning of the message, High School Administration quickly responded as well as the School Resource Officer and the student allegedly sending the message was promptly removed from the high school. At no time during the situation were any high school students in danger.
I appreciate the quick response of our administrators and School Resource Officer in handling the situation and keeping our students safety as the number one priority.
Dr. Shaver-Hood

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