Message from the Superintendent

Good afternoon,
Late this morning an email which threatened the safety of our students was received by an administrator in our school district. The schools were promptly placed on lockdown, and the police were notified.
Once the police were on site, a decision was made to evacuate the schools, and with the cooperation of the Gleason YMCA, students were transported to the YMCA for parent/guardian pick-up.
I appreciate the cooperation of all involved, students, parents/guardians, law enforcement, our administrators, faculty, staff, and transportation department as all worked in partnership to ensuring the safety of all students and staff. I also want to thank Chief Kevin Walsh, Chief Robert McDuffy and all officers in the Wareham Police and Fire Department for their outstanding service, their efforts are very much appreciated.
I also appreciate your help and collaboration as decisions were made today as keeping our students’ safety is our number one priority. Law enforcement is making every effort to track the person sending the email, and he/she will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable by law.
The schools will be on regular schedule tomorrow. Again, I appreciate your help and understanding.
Dr. Kimberly B. Shaver-Hood