Key Items to Remember:

The students will not be able to log in until the session is started in Pearson Access Next.

Remember to unlock the test after the session has been started.

Once the session is started, the session cannot be stopped until ALL sections of the test have been completed.

The students cannot continue the test without a seal code. Each test section has a unique seal code.

The students will use the same user name and password throughout the ELA portion of the test. Once the ELA portion of MCAS has been completed, a new test ticket with a different user name and password will be used for the MATH portion of MCAS.

Student test tickets and the seal codes will be provided prior to the start of the test.

If a student is seeing an error code on the Chromebook, contact a representative from the technology department as soon as possible.

If a student is absent on during one of the sections of the test, the student will continue with the other sections until a make up time is determined.

MCAS PAN Walkthrough

MCAS Online Testing Schedule:

Wareham Middle School:
April 3: Grade 5 ELA
April 5: Grade 5 & 6 ELA
April 6: Grade 5 & 6 ELA
April 25: Grade 7 & 8 ELA
April 26: Grade 7 & 8 ELA
May 4: Grade 5 & 8 Math
May 5: Grade 5 & 8 Math
May 8: Grade 6 & 7 Math
May 9: Grade 6 & 7 Math
Minot Forest Elementary:
April 7: Grade 4 ELA
April 10: Grade 3 & 4 ELA
April 11: Grade 3 & 4 ELA
April 12: Grade 3 ELA
May 10: Grade 4 Math
May 11: Grade 4 Math
May 17: Grade 3 Math
May 18 Grade 3 Math

The approximate start times for testing is 7:50 AM at Wareham Middle School and 9:00 AM at Minot Forest Elementary.