Working with Wareham High on newspaper

Decas Elementary teacher Mike Houdlette gives students the latest copies of their stories to revise.

Decas Elementary teacher Mike Houdlette gives students the latest copies of their stories to revise.

Decas Elementary 4th-graders who are working on publishing a school newspaper this spring got a little help from mentors at Wareham High on Tuesday.

John Flynn’s high school journalism students, who recently published their spring edition of “The Viking Times,” assisted Mike Houdlette’s elementary students with editing their stories, choosing the ones that would appear on their front page, and worked on laying out the paper.

We can’t wait to see the published product!

Working on the front page

Scenes from the ‘Iron Chef’ cook-off


The Onset Cape Verdean Festival Association hosted an “Iron Chef” cook-off at the John W. Decas Elementary cafeteria this Thursday, March 27.

Friends and neighbors, including our own participants from Wareham Public Schools (above), participated in the fun culinary competition.

The fundraiser benefitted both Wareham Public Schools and Onset’s annual Cape Verdean Festival.


Parachuting with CARE


Decas Elementary third- and fourth-graders went parachuting on Tuesday.

That is, they tested parachutes they recently designed out of large coffee filters, clear plastic, or tissue paper.

The students are enrolled in the Office of Beyond School Time’s CARE after-school program, which helps students build upon the skills they learn inside of the classroom. (For more information about the CARE Program, click here.)

The students were inspired to create their parachutes after reading a storybook in which two friends send notes to each other via parachute. Teachers Mauritha Sidebottom and Jeff Taber told the students about all the components of a parachute. The students used the same string, or “suspension lines,” in each of their parachutes and the same plastic cup. Which canopy, however, was a decision each student had to make.

The students found that the coffee filters worked the best when the parachute was weighted with lima beans. In fact, the filters opened up and delivered the lima beans safely to the ground with no spilling.

Mr. Taber was charged with climbing the ladder and releasing the parachutes in the school’s lobby. Check out our short video and more photos below!